The Best Way to Store Shoes

The Best Way to Store Shoes

As someone who has designed hundreds of custom closets in the Chicago area, I am regularly asked about the best way to store shoes.  Most women have approximately thirty-five pairs and your typical male has about twelve pairs of shoes, however, I have designed closets to accommodate many more with up to 250 pairs.  I guess it all depends on how big your closet is but there are a few simple rules for everyone to follow to make it easier to get out of the house on time.

  1. Choose approximately 10-12 pairs of shoes to be readily accessible.  A good rule of thumb is to choose 4 pairs of work shoes in basic colors such as black, brown and taupe (2 flat and 2 pair of heals), 2 pairs of weekend errand shoes, 2 pair of gym shoes with 1 pair for the street and 1 for the gym and 2 pairs of shoes you typically wear after work such as slippers and flip-flops.  Most people wear their 10 favorite pairs of shoes 90% of the time.


Here is a picture of a good variety of shoe shelving by Portland Closets with examples of straight shelves, angled shelves as well as large cubbies.

2.  If you have room to display more shoes in your closet, it is best to angle the shelves so that you can see the shoes easier and most people find it more aesthetically pleasing since you can add some “bling” with the shoe fences that prevent the shoes from sliding off.  My clients always ask me about dust and whether they should store the shoes on shelves or keep them in the boxes.  The answer is to store at least 10 pairs of shoes on shelves to avoid the aggravation of sifting through boxes.  This not only delays you but it creates a mess.

3.  If you are short on room, store the ones you only wear for special occasions in clear plastic boxes on a top shelf.  This leaves room in your closet for more clothing storage.  If you are really ambitious, you can take digital pictures of each pair and tape the picture to the side of the box.

4.  Lastly, never store your shoes in shoe cubbies unless the cubbies are big enough to store each pair standing up as in the picture above.  Your shoes will get damaged by laying them down and storing them toe to heal in a shoe cubbie.

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